Client Services – Merchandising

Ensure time effective and efficient merchandising of client’s products.
APS have employed designated teams for several towns’ country wide, which consist of a supervisor and his team. APS installed Bluetooth detectors in each retail store to monitor the work rate of each Merchandiser via their Smartphone. This Bluetooth App gives accurate results to our clients weekly.
Merchandisers obtain training on basic knowledge of the products they merchandise.

Advantages: are:
• Better product visibility.
• Availability of stock on the shelves will be monitored.
• Sales volume per month will be given to APS to use as a guideline to generate sales.
• WhatsApp groups are created with key people, to ensure optimum, immediate communication.
• APS merchandisers report low stock levels via WhatsApp groups.
• Merchandisers obtain proper training.
• Clients monitor their sales volumes monthly, share this info with APS and determine whether their sales volumes have increased thus justify the cost of merchandising.


Promos & Surveys

We offer a promotions/activations and surveys services. As these requirements are individual to client and change from promotion to promotion, we offer pricing and services unique to a particular requirement on an ad hock basis.

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