Client Services – Off-Loading

Ensure time effective and efficient loading and offloading of trucks.
APS have employed designated teams for several towns’ country-wide, which consist of a supervisor and his team. Each town’s team will be responsible for their own truck’s offloading or loading.
As communication will play a vital role during this exercise, a WhatsApp group is created with the necessary contacts to ensure optimum communication. Within this WhatsApp group we will be notified when the truck departs from its depot, the arrival time at its destination and whether there are any delays along the way. Our team’s supervisors will make the necessary arrangements according to the information via the WhatsApp group; the teams will be ready for offloading/loading immediately, if there are no setbacks from the customer.
A triplicate offloading slip will be completed and signed by all parties: the driver and the customer will receive their copies; APS slip remains in the book for invoicing purposes.

Advantages are:

  • More cost effective, productive and efficient.
    • No unnecessary payouts for idle time.
    • No traffic fines for overloading of people.
    • Shifting fixed employee/ transportation cost to a variable cost – resulting in saving on expenses.
    • Faster turnaround time for trucks.
    • More control over the trucks and its drivers.

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