Client Services – Payroll Services

All APS salaries and wages are handled by our Payroll Department.

Our mission statement for the payroll division is as follows:
“To render a fast, efficient and reliable payroll service with the emphasis on confidentiality”
We offer a fully comprehensive salary and wage service that is dealt with via our Payroll Department
At APS we use the VIP payroll management system to offer a fully fledged payroll solution. Our Payroll officers undergo continuous training to ensure we deliver cutting edge solutions to you.
As an organization we ensure fast, efficient payroll solutions with tremendous focus on confidentiality.
Payroll Services offered include:
All of the above services can be customized to your specific need.

The services by our payroll department include the following:

• Basic employee information
• Annual leave administration
• Sick leave administration
• Deductions and pay over to correct institutions
• Administration of bonus schemes
• Handle all queries of staff
• Cash pay outs
• Bank transfers on payment date
• Customised reports on salaries and wages
• Reports per cost centre or department
• Print and issue of PAYE certificates
• Annual PAYE reconciliation
• Provision of audit trial
• Confidentiality guarantee
• Safe keeping of all data and software
• Keeping of archives data
• Staff training
• Report writing
All the above services can be customised to satisfy your specific needs.

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