Client Services – Staff Outsourcing

Recruit and employ Skilled / Unskilled labour to suit every customer’s needs.


        • Charge according to client structure. Normally on an hourly rate to maintain productivity.
        • Included the entire HR function.
        • No IR related matters.
        • Client can focus on core aspects of own daily operations.
        • 13 Branches across the Group.
        • APS Operational staff serve clients with personal attendance.
        • Employees received salaries on time.
        • Latest technology to make clients received optimum productivity.


Industries currently served by this division:

        • Construction
        • Fishing
        • Retail & Wholesale
        • Mining
        • Hospitality
        • Manufacturing
        • Tourism
        • Financial Services
        • Agriculture
        • Medical, hospital etc…
        • State owned enterprises
        • Logistic Companies

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